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Important College Websites

The College Search


There are dozens of search engines you can use to research colleges that fit your needs and wants.  In addition to the Fiske GuidePeterson’s and Princeton Review, I have compiled some additional options for the initial college search, listed in no particular order.  Some people find certain sites more intuitive than others; if you have a site that you already like, stick with it.



One extremely useful website is:

Another useful website is:

  1. Wiki College Lists: Lists Wiki
  2. College Navigator-this site is from the Federal government:
  3. College 411- this site helps you gauge what type of financial aid package a school provides (some are more generous than others):
  4. American Association of Community Colleges:
  5. College Affordability Guide:
  6. College Express:
  7. College Portraits:
  8. CollegeView – Searches for organizations, too, so if you want astrophysics and a marching band, you can find matches.  This site is owned by Hobsons, the company that also owns Naviance:
  9. - find test-optional schools here: